Nicolosi Luxury Diffuser - 250ml


A reed diffuser is a beautiful way to fragrance your home and fill the air with natural aromatic goodness. 

Pack contains one 250ml fragrance bottle, closed with a hand-made wax-seal, and set of rattan sticks.

Fragrances include: Rose (pale pink/yellow), Lychee (pale yellow), Lavender (pale blue), Grapefruit (pale yellow), Orange Blossom (pale yellow), Cotton Flower (orange), Spring Bouquet (orange/red), Verbena (pale green), Jasmine (amber), Violet (dark blue), Fig Leaf (pale amber), Jasmine & Neroli (orange), St Jean Flower (amber), Poppy (amber), Lily of the Valley (sold out).

Nicolosi Créations was started in 2004 by Philip Nicolosi. Located in the heart of Provence, he, along with his daughter Célia Nicolosi, create the Nicolosi scents, room scents and cosmetics. They are committed to representing Provence and French craftsmanship as best they can, through quality products made by hand.


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